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Iron Nation would like to first and foremost thank everyone for the 19 years of support with our Never Forget 9/11 Memorial Ride.  9/11/01 changed all of our lives forever. Whether you were in grade school, a high schooler, or a working adult, the destruction, loss of innocent lives, the horror of that day will forever be etched in our memories. In all that devastation, we came together beautifully and embraced each other as Americans. Each year, for the past 18 years our community will Never Forget and always honor our Gold Star Families, Veterans and First Responders because Iron Nation MC ensures a heartfelt ceremony, lunch and an epic parade.

Now we are facing another challenge 19 years later. All of our lives have changed again in a different way. A way that we are not able to come together safely and hug and cry with our Brothers, Sisters, Veterans, Gold Star families, our community. So, Iron Nation asks you to STAY VIGILANT!

As is our theme this year. STAY VIGILANT to our Veterans, STAY VIGLIANT to our troops, STAY VIGILANT to our Gold Star Families, STAY VIGILANT for our First Responders, and most of all STAY VIGILANT FOR OUR COMMUNITY.

Iron Nation will not be able to hold our event with the city this year. We have decided that we will set up a Go Fund me this year for this event for those that would like to donate to Honor Flight Nevada. As flights are cancelled for them this year they are still working on Veteran outreach and taking care of our local Veterans.

We know many people and businesses are struggling right now and we just don’t feel right asking businesses for money right now after they have all taken such good care of us over many years.

However, next year will be our 20th YEAR! Bring your party clothes… Cause it is going to be EPIC!

Please take care of your families and each other and don’t forget to STAY VIGILANT.











On September 11, 2001 our nation came under a coordinated terrorist attack which in it's aftermath left nearly 3000 people dead and caused devastation in both New York and Washington, D.C. In the following years thousands more have sacrificed life and limb in the ensuing wars began in part by events on this infamous day. It is these persons, who have given so much of themselves, that we will come together to honor and remember.


2020 is Cancelled 

*click link*

Honor Flight Go Fund Me


     2019 Major sponsors   

City of Reno
Outback Steakhouse, Sparks NV


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